Introspection leads to influence

You’re under pressure from the higher ups to create a DEI strategy — we get it. But before you start putting together your next strategic plan, pause so you can communicate with purpose. 

Inform, Inspire, Induce

But without creating clear intent for your efforts, you risk more harm than help. What exactly are you committing to with your DEI strategy? How and with whom will you communicate? And what accountability measures and metrics do you have in place to carry through your plan? 

Communicating with depth instead of being performative requires that you know the answers to these questions before you start implementing.

Addressing inequity

Should be informed by desired impact, underpinned in internal decision-making, and considered through the lens of intentional directives

This guide will help you create your DEI vision and mission, so you can create a meaningful plan that makes a difference.

Communicators as change agents

Your DEI efforts shouldn't fall on deaf ears 

From engaging stakeholders to choosing communication channels, Communicators can be change agents. Let’s be honest, most DEI efforts rely on effective communication.

But in order to inspire meaningful action — you need to both capture the interest of and be able to influence stakeholders. Your DEI Vision and Mission will facilitate the conversations, core purpose, and key challenges to address.

Only businesses can dismantle systemic inequity

Unlike any other entity, businesses have the money, power and freedom to make choices that benefit society quickly and effectively.

Janet works with leaders to uncover the true value of diversity for their organizations, and offers straightforward, objective solutions to unlock that value.

On the frontlines of an organization’s efforts to wield their word for good are Communicators and content creators, which is why Janet believes that communicating with meaning will socialize your deliverables as part of the DEI strategy and take your campaigns from performative to transformative — if you have the right strategy in place.

Commit, Communicate, and Carry Through

How to create a DEI mission to make meaningful change

In this guide:

Why DEI communication is challenging
How to identify the why and the what of your DEI efforts
Who to communicate with
The importance of influence and interest
How to evaluate key objectives, and leverage your position to effect change

                                                         Meet Janet

TED Speaker, Global Head of DEI, DEI Consultancy Owner

Janet brings deep expertise around DEI communications practices and principles that drive change and build culture in large, complex organizations. Her superpowers? Applying objective solutions to solve subjective DEI challenges, building actionable DEI frameworks and strategies, and brokering honest DEI conversations among top leaders. Janet holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College, a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University and post-graduate certificates in DEI from Cornell University and Yale University. Collectively, her three TED talks challenging business to get serious about inclusion have 2.5 million views. Ragan Communications named her one of the Top Women in Communications and a Diversity Champion.

Janet M. Stovall & Kim Clark, Co-Authors of The Conscious Communicator

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