Your DEI Program Isn't Working

96% of companies* have DEI programs. But 75% of the underrepresented people** at these companies feel no personal benefit from them.***

*Surveyed companies of 1000+ employees globally
**Women, racialized people, various ethnicities, and LGBTQ+ employees
***Harvard Business Review

People Over Programs

Without a solid communications plan for diversity, equity and inclusion, your company will continue to lose highly skilled, diverse talent.

Hitting Hiring Numbers Only Creates High Turnover

Programs alone won't fix things.

Building trust and relationships through training, awareness and accountability is part of what will make your organization's investment in DEI communications effective.

If you feel like you don't have the tools to leverage your position for lasting change, let alone shepherd influence to impact DEI and social justice issues, you're not alone.

Communicators, It's Time to Step Up

Communicators have a core role in DEI Strategies.

Equipping communicators with a DEI lens increases the chances of not being performative (again). Kim Clark, co-author of The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t, is sharing the 3 steps to turn your communications organization into a force for change — not a place that simply checks a box.

Conscious Communicators Before It Was Cool

As a former communicator, Kim has been where you are:

Knowing the challenges — and wanting to do something about it — but unsure how to incite intentional DEI communications action.

Instead of keeping quiet in fear of saying the wrong thing, or trying to maneuver through DEI from a place of being right, Kim leaned into meeting people where they are and letting them know they can't stay that way if they want to grow their careers and have a lasting positive legacy on their teams.

Now, she's an advocate for systemic change with communicators leading the way. "Shock" and "solidarity" aren't enough — we're asking you to become a change agent.

3 Ways to Change Your Organization's DNA

And turn your DEI Strategy from Performative to Transformative

In this guide:

Why DEI efforts fail despite being staples in the businesses of today and tomorrow
3 ways to overcome performative DEI programs and make meaningful change
The role communicators play in DEI strategies
Actionable steps to prioritize your people and communicate with purpose

                                                         Meet Kim

DEI Communications Educator, Consultant, Speaker, & Co-Author

Kim is a long-time educator and perpetual student of messaging, audiences, and how culture and communications shape people's experiences of themselves and the world. An advocate and educator for diversity, equity, and inclusion across the business, within teams, and throughout the employee experience, she wants communicators to build DEI skills and feel capable in valuably contributing to DEI.

Kim's career spans various fields, from documentary filmmaking to media agencies and leading employee communication teams at PayPal, GoDaddy, and GitHub. She has been a lecturer at San Jose State University for 20+ years since earning an M.A. She is the co-author of the new book, "The Conscious Communicator: the fine art of not saying stupid sh*t (releases September 2022).

Janet M. Stovall & Kim Clark, Co-Authors of The Conscious Communicator

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