What if companies allowed communicators to double down on DEI issues with the same energy they require them to double down on product and service promises?

We’d be able to close the say/do gap, and equip businesses with the ability to dismantle harmful systems and make a more inclusive society. 

This is why we wrote The Conscious Communicator.

Let’s be real. We’re trying to do something that’s never been done before: create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Traditional public relations, internal communications, and executive communications exist to reinforce the status quo. We’re asking communicators to step to the front lines of DEI efforts, and communicate with DEPTH.

The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t

Communicators can and should lead DEI work in organizations by role modeling inclusivity, respect, and accessibility.

Becoming conscious communicators by applying a DEI lens to our work will not only take your communication strategies from performative to transformative — it’ll allow you to shepherd your organization towards a more inclusive future.

Communicators, It’s Time to Step Up

Learn how to communicate with DEPTH

No matter how much money organizations spend on splashy photography and external DEI

branding, if it’s not authentic to the organization and meaningful to the marginalized, then a series of one-offs lacking strategy will cause more harm than good.

DEI must be communicated as smart business practice because that's the only way DEI gets embedded in the business, and thus, society.

You have the opportunity to lead that effort within your organization. We have the practical guidebook to help.

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Included in Chapter 1:

What is a social agreement, and why you need one

The role of communications in DEI

Why language matters

How to start your DEI efforts with 'why'

Meet the Co-Authors of The Conscious Communicator

                                                         Meet Kim Clark

DEI Communications Educator, Consultant, Speaker & Co-Author

Kim is a long-time educator and perpetual student of messaging, audiences, and how culture and communications shape people's experiences of themselves and the world. An advocate and educator for diversity, equity, and inclusion communications across the business, within teams, and throughout the employee experience, she wants communicators to build DEI skills and feel capable in valuably contributing to DEI. Kim's career spans various fields, from documentary filmmaking to media agencies and leading employee communication teams at PayPal, GoDaddy, and GitHub. She has been a lecturer at San Jose State University for 20+ years since earning an M.A. She is the co-author of the new book, "The Conscious Communicator: the fine art of not saying stupid sh*t" (releases September 2022).

                                                         Meet Janet Stovall

TED Speaker, Global Head of DEI, DEI Consultancy Owner

Janet brings deep expertise around DEI communications practices and principles that drive change and build culture in large, complex organizations. Her superpowers? Applying objective solutions to solve subjective DEI challenges, building actionable DEI frameworks and strategies, and brokering honest DEI conversations among top leaders. Janet holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College, a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University and post-graduate certificates in DEI from Cornell University and Yale University. Collectively, her three TED talks challenging business to get serious about inclusion have 2.5 million views. Ragan Communications named her one of the Top Women in Communications and a Diversity Champion.

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